Mill Hill School, The Ridgeway, London NW7 1QS
This long established school of swimming, now operating in a newly built competition sized pool, offers lessons to children (from the ages of 3 and up) and adults of any range and ability. For further schedule information please click here.
The new pool is the perfect environment for beginners and experienced swimmers alike due to the warm water, ideal conditions and friendly atmosphere. All our instructors are fully qualified and emphasis is on good stroke technique.
Beginners, improvers and advanced (3 Years Upwards). Efforts will be made to keep the numbers of pupils to a maximum of six per teacher. Pupils will be encouraged to gain awards and extra lessons will be offered in order to gain these awards at no extra cost.
Spring 2016
Starts: Mon 4 Jan
Ends: Sat 19 Mar

No Swimming During Half Term: 15 Feb - 20 Feb

Summer 2016
Starts: Mon 18 Apr
Ends: Sat 9 Jul

No Swimming During Half Term: 30 May - 4 Jun

Jack Buxton A.S.A. Advanced., F.I.ST.
Tel: 0208 349 0522

   30 Princess Avenue
   N3 2DB

John Noonan A.S.A. Advanced., F.I.ST.
Tel: 0208 455 7099